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Our Philosophy

I believe that a Modern Jive Freestyle should capture a variety of music that leads your dance through a different journey with every evening. I always try to come up with a mix of sexy Swing, fun Rock and Roll, sumptuous Smooth as well as current tracks. I like to supply a free scrummy selection of homemade cakes and treats as well as Teas, Coffees and Squash throughout the evening. I believe that you can't do anything that is more enjoyable or liberating than expressing yourself through dancing, so I always appreciate feedback to help me make sure that dancers love each night. I aim to ensure each freestyle has an awesome fun and friendly atmosphere which is then a platform for some amazing dancing!

Our History

The Jive Fantasy freestyles are organised by myself Lianne Law, my partner Matthew Coombes. I have been addicted to Modern Jive for the last 2 years. I tempted my partner Matthew into the world of dance and he hasn't looked back since. I can honestly say that i'm never happier than when we are caught up in an awesome track on the dance floor where for those 3 or so minutes you are transported to a fairy tale or maybe a Dirty Dancing scene! We decided to start running the Jive Fantasy Freestyles so that we can share our passion with the dancing community and create evenings that everyone will love. We use our 2 different venues to provide 2 different types of evening to suit every dancer.

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