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“It was amazing!!! it really was!!!"


Christopher Hutchings


"Thank you for a fantastic night of dancing really enjoyed both dance rooms   xx"


Sarah Jeffs

What a fantastic & successful evening at The Chapel last night. I thought the idea of two "mood rooms" was spot on, & the music in both was brilliant. All a tribute to the phenomenal hard work & organisational skills of Lianne Law & Matthew Coombes. Thank you both, and I look forward to the next one.

Patrick Pontet-Piccolomini

'Congratulations Lianne & Matthew on pulling off a fabulous night of dancing at the Chapel. Venue,Music,mix of people all just perfect.Will definately be back next month. I am struggling to make any suggestions of how you could improve it. Well done.'


Nigel Harding

Annette Fuller Thanks for a good evening Lianne and Matthew well done both of you xx


December 12 

Sarah Hackshall Keep us posted on your up and coming events


Stuart Newby Thanks to you Lianne, Amanda & Matt (plus crew) for a great night. And thank you too, to all of my lovely dance partners x x


Carolyn Colwell Was a great night thank you xx


Julie Lonnen

December 12 at 12:26pm · 

Thank you Leanne and Matt - lovely venue, great dances, great cake and a fun time ... what more can we ask for? 


Bev Pinnick

December 12 at 10:11am · 

Was a fab night, looking forward to the January dances


Kathryn Daly

December 12 at 10:06am · 

Fantastic night. Thank you! Really worth the long journey! X

Yes, a tremendous opening night! Well done Lianne Law & Matthew Coombes for all your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.


Robin GoldenHann

"Awesome night at the chapel last night! Big congrats to Lianne and Matt for such a brilliant time. Music was excellent, Johns sets were great."


Caroline Laurillard

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